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5 Coffee Shops Expanding in 2021 - Happy #NationalCoffeeDay

September 29 is #nationalcoffeeday in the US and Canada! Whether you take it black or have a yearly countdown for the first PSL of the season, coffee is the most popular drink in the world and we’re ready to celebrate. 

The Retail Boom is Here (Really!)

It’s been a long, tough road back for the retail sector, which struggled even before COVID-19 accelerated consumers’ reliance on e-commerce. But with weaker players purged — and landlords right-sizing rents — for the first time in years, retailers are opening more stores than they’re closing. Based on outreach by the Retailsphere research team, it is estimated that 60% of all retailers are planning on some sort of expansion. Recent figures from global retail think tank Coresight Research support this too, reporting that U.S. store openings were up 45% year-over-year as of July 2021.

National Book Lover’s Day! - From expanding bookstores to #BookTok

It’s August 9th - Happy National Book Lovers Day! There’s a glorious social media holiday for just about everything these days and this one is a Retailsphere favorite. Today is a day designated to snuggling up (hopefully in a well-air conditioned location or on the beach) with a good book. From clay tablets to e-books, we’ve really come a long way. But you can’t talk about great books without giving a nod to the book shop.

Bookstores have continued to stand the test of time. From Moravian Book Shop in Pennsylvania, the oldest bookstore in American, dating back to 1745 to today’s Barnes & Noble or Amazon Books, we all have our preferences but one thing is true - bookstores are here to stay and some even have expansion plans for 2021.

Retailsphere’s dedicated researchers are known for connecting with retail real estate decision makers to offer data on which retailers are expanding, how many locations, and where. Below is some expansion plan insight into a local bookshop to some nationals along with some ways that bookstores help our culture thrive.

Books With A Past - Now Expanding!
The company is currently under a rebrand and will be changing their name to The Last Word. This book shop offers floor to ceiling books, gift shop, lounge area, children’s area and book clubs. Local bookshops like The Last Word are the epitome of community - a place where people of all ages can come together and learn.

Location: Maryland
Average square footage: 2,501 SF - 5,000 SF
Center Preferences: Regional malls, upscale shopping, trendy boutiques

(Image sourced from The Last Word website)

Expanding Retailers in Ohio

Home of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, its own unique brand of barbecue, and plenty of other tourist attractions, we all know Ohio is way more than cornfields. But when you take a look at the plans for retail expansion in 2021, you may just start singing “OHIO rocks!” The following 4 retailers have big plans in the state, with both public-facing and large commercial hubs coming soon. 

Top 5 Food Halls to Fill Retail Space

Food halls are trending. If you’ve never heard of a food hall, don’t be so quick to pass it off as your everyday food court, because they’re so much more than that. Food halls are filled with unique, local restaurants with food made from scratch. Some even feature dessert stops, butchers, bakeries, markets, shops and more. They’ve been around for years, but have recently begun gaining more traction. Below are a few of our favorite examples of utilizing retail space in a fun and successful way. 

Thinking about a Brew Pub for your Vacancy?

Wine is well known to be paired with cheese and light hors d'oeuvres, but what about beer? When it comes to pairing beer and food, it ultimately comes down to matching both the food’s flavor and the beer’s flavor. With so many styles of beer, here’s a breakdown of the best style to pair with your favorite bites and some expanding breweries. 

Use Retailsphere to Order a Pizza Joint for Your Center

Do you wish finding your new perfect tenant was almost as simple as ordering pizza? The process should be streamlined, have a variety, and deliver the results you’ve been craving. Retailsphere has a vast database with various options to narrow your search to exactly what you are looking for. 

A Retail Profile: 5 Wits

You walk into an ancient tomb lit only by your flashlight. Ominous hieroglyphs fill the walls, and as you move further inside, booby traps spring to life and the adventure begins to unfold.  This isn’t the latest Indiana Jones movie, although the production quality makes you feel a lot like you’re on a movie set, and it’s NOT an escape room. It’s 5 Wits: an interactive, cooperative game that immerses players into a completely different world, and challenges them with puzzles, physical feats, and hands-on tasks. 

Why Are These States Seeing A Retail Rebound?

The 2020 pandemic started with a virus and quickly made changes to almost every aspect of daily life.  And even while facing the same foe, state governments have had vastly different approaches to how to handle the virus. We look at which states are seeing a retail rebound and why.