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These Retailers Get A Boost From Celebrity Shoppers

Stars—they’re just like us! Flip through any gossip rag at the checkout counter and you’ll see the rich and famous picking up coffee, grabbing groceries, or hitting the gym. You may even get a little zing when you recognize one of your favorite retail locations—in fact, brands are counting on that zing. 

Will Toys ‘R’ Us make another play at a comeback?

Who doesn’t have memories of walking the overstuffed aisles of Toys ‘R’ Us, or the thrill of a Geoffrey Giraffe spotting? When iconic toy emporium Toys ‘R’ Us closed its doors in 2018, the fallout was messy. And recent reports aren’t promising for the toy brand. But how did they get here?

The Real Real Expanding Store Fronts

The RealReal has opened 2 new locations.  Courtney Hawkins, vice president of retail at The RealReal, said they saw a significant opportunity in Southern California after opening their West Hollywood location. This brings The RealReal’s total location count to 13, including 4 locations in New York and 5 locations in California.

Aldi to Open 100 New Locations in 2021

Responding to the growing need for essential goods with convenient curbside pickup, Aldi announced expansion plans to open 100 new locations in 2021. The retailer has specific plans for expansion that will take them into several regions nationwide. 

5 Signs that a National Brand Is Poised for Success in 2021

It’s hard to imagine a world without easy access to an Old Navy for a new t-shirt, a Starbucks at every turn, and easy access to fresh ingredients at a grocery store—no matter where you may travel. But 2020 proved that even massive retail chains with national presence weren’t immune to the long-term effects of COVID-19. And some reports predict thousands more closures this year. 

Expanding California Retailers

COVID-19 has hit California hard—sweeping closures, lockdowns, and high levels of infection are ongoing. But with grit, determination, and the grace of some really good fried chicken, retail continues to find its foothold. While some large scale brands are pressing pause on California, small businesses are staying nimble and looking to fill market demand. Here are 4 brands that have expanded this year, despite the challenges. 

Godiva will Shut Down All U.S. Store Locations by March

Luxury chocolatier, Godiva, is getting out of the brick and mortar business in the United States, citing the pandemic as the reasoning for shuttering locations. Godiva, a nearly 100-year old luxury chocolatier, is quickly leaving the brick and mortar business in North America as a strategy to boost global online sales.

Igloo Dining: Creative Outdoor Dining Experiences for Retail

The tempestuous year of 2020 is gratefully behind us, although the budding 2021 has seen the worst pandemic days yet. Restrictions vary regarding indoor dining leaving predominately dine-in restaurants in a limbo until vaccines are widely available. Scrambling to discover the new normal and get creative, restaurants are finding ways to keep customers eating outdoors, safe and warm. 

Retailsphere's 'Retailer of 2020' Focused on Adapting

Amid a chaotic year, Best Buy proved retail can move forward better than ever by experimenting and adapting to new retail concepts. In a year of mayhem, few retailers discovered a year of opportunity.

Market by Macy's Begins Expansion

Market by Macy’s, the condensed Macy’s store concept featuring the best products curated from designers and Macy’s brands, opens its second location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.