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5 Retailers Expanding in Texas

Examining retail trends in Texas is an interesting experience, because the state is very, very large. Spanning approximately 269,000 square miles -- larger than France -- the Lone Star State has a population of 29 million and four major population areas: Austin (the capital); Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

How COVID-19 has changed Nordstrom’s Store Revamp Plans

Nordstrom is certainly not the only department store that has taken a hit from COVID-19, but their reputation as having highly experiential retail and in-depth customer service and engagement mean it can be harder to open during a highly contagious pandemic.

Glossier to Permanently Close All Locations

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In 2016, Glossier was an irresistible force in the beauty and personal care industry. In March of 2020, company Founder and CEO Emily Weiss announced in a blog that the company would temporarily shutter its New York, Los Angeles and London retail locations; the shut-down became permanent in August, 2020; information that was shared in another Weiss-authored blog.

How do you know your retail database has accurate data?

Finding the right retailer to complement your center’s tenant mix consists of more than crossing your fingers, then plunging into an internet search for likely candidates. You need data, and plenty of it. This means you also need access to a quality database.

Understanding Franchises: Why Retailsphere spends time making sure our profile data is right

Whether you are backfilling a vacant big box, or attempting to lease up your just-opened regional lifestyle center, finding and securing the right tenant for your space can be a challenging process.