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Top 3 Customer Service Practices for Retailers

In just a few months, COVID-19 has impacted the world and economy in overwhelming ways, and sadly, this is just the beginning. The Retail industry is seeing the devastating effects left and right as both big corporations and small mom and pop stores are going bankrupt because of non-essentials stores having to close during the height of the pandemic.


Retail Expansion in Rhode Island

The Retail Industry has struggled for years and even more so now with COVID-19, but some are starting to see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, and we wanted to share the top three retailers expanding in Rhode Island, even during the pandemic.

Retailers are Expanding in Connecticut

The Retail Industry has struggled for years and even more so now with COVID-19 but retailers in the food industry have a different story. Here are four businesses continuing to expand in Connecticut.

6 Retailers Expanding in California

The Retail Industry has struggled for years because of internet giants like Amazon, especially now with COVID-19, but retailers in the food industry have a different story to tell. Here are five retailers expanding amid the Retail Apocalypse and COVID-19.  

Top 5 Grab-and-Go Concepts on the West Coast

We've all had those days when it feels like there is an endless list of things going on, and pre-planning your meals is last on your mind. That doesn't mean you can't find something that is quick, yet healthy, on-the-go. We're looking at our top five grab and go concepts on the West Coast that make it easy to get in and out with ease. 

Dunkin' Closing up to 880 Underperforming USA Locations

For decades, the morning hours have been a profitable time for fast food restaurants, but now that's far from the truth. Since the Coronavirus Pandemic started and stay at home orders were placed, fewer people have been traveling to work, and large chains like Dunkin' Donuts have seen the negative impact.

How Retailsphere helps Hyatt Commercial Get Ahead

Known as the "local [commercial real estate] experts" in Southern Maryland, Hyatt Commercial is taking the retail industry to the next level through an entrepreneurial spirit, hard-work, and a team dedicated to finding the right tenants for their clients each time.

Bed Bath & Beyond to Close 60 Stores Minimum in 2020

The retail apocalypse is taking over businesses, and they are closing at a record level, especially now with the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to stretch on. And as Amazon continuously becoming more dominant within the world of retail, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond are taking a hard hit and finding it difficult to stay in business.

Top 5 Doggie Day Care concepts in the Mid-Atlantic

With Coronavirus, pet adoptions have increased dramatically. Even before this, younger generations were finding themselves adding pets to their families. Once travel begins to open back up after Covid-19, people will begin looking for their next destination to visit. This also means finding a place where these pets can stay and have fun while their owners go on vacation.

La Barba Coffee has create a niche for themselves in Salt Lake City

Looking for a company to fill your vacant retail space? Take a look at the local coffee shops in your area, they might just be looking to expand.  The best part? Coffee shops can be especially successful if they know what they’re doing.