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Nike Expands with 30 Additional Stores

2020 challenged retail across the board and forced brands to pivot, stretch, and change in order to find new ways to connect with customers. With the new year, wise brands are not seeing the hope on the horizon as a signal to reset back to their old ways, but rather using their 2020 adaptations to propel themselves forward. As innovation goes, Nike, who plans a massive retail expansion, is always looking to stay ahead of the market.

Retail Expansion Surging in South Carolina

An influx of new citizens moving to South Carolina from all across the U.S. has elevated the "Palmetto State" to the country's sixth fastest-growing state in 2020, creating ideal demographics for retail expansion.The Charleston-Mt. Pleasant and Greenville areas, in particularly, have consistently ranked highest among U.S. growth markets over the past decade, aided by roaring residential growth that is spurring business development around the Port of Charleston and Inland Port Greer, near Greenville, economists note.

COVID Impact on Breweries

Over the past decade craft beer has often seemed like a sure bet when it comes to growth and stability. In 2010 there were just 1,759 craft brewers in the US. In 2019, there were almost 7,500. The industry also saw 4% growth in production year over year, increasing the craft segment's market share of beer sales by almost 14%. Unfortunately, 2020 did not see this continued trend with volume down by 8% and many craft breweries on the brink of closure as 2021 grows near. That said, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom in the industry.

Northeastern Retailers Are Heating Up

The Northeast may be in the middle of winter, but there’s still heat in the retail market. Small and medium sized retailers are the life-blood of the American economy, and Northeastern brands are bringing a dose of vitality with them as they expand in the region. From hometown brands opening their second location to regional chains looking to launch nationwide, here are 4 brands that are making a name for themselves in the Northeast. 

Shopping Centers that have thrived despite COVID

Physical retail locations competing with ecommerce evolved dramatically since the coronavirus entered our lives. Concepts such as mixing physical retail with ecommerce platforms proved necessary for most current retail brands. Curbside and delivery are also essential to continued success. However, that might not be enough to keep shopping malls alive. Malls that have thrived have been epicenters for experience retail. . For a customer to enter a physical store, they will expect more from their shopping experience. 

Bass Pro Shop Parent Company Acquires Sportsman's Warehouse

Great American Outdoors, the company that owns both Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas, is acquiring Sportsman’s Warehouse for $18 a share or roughly $785 Million in an all cash deal. The price was a 42% premium over their closing stock price on December 20, the day prior to the announcement. 

After Exiting Bankruptcy, JCPenney to Close Additional Stores

Since filing for bankruptcy, JCPenney has closed more than 150 stores. They have now announced the closure of 15 more locations by the end of March 2021. In a statement made to USA Today, the brand said that “these stores will begin liquidation sales later this month and will close to the public in mid to late March."

Sephora opening 850 Mini Stores in Kohls across the Country

Following a trend seen in the recent Ulta Beauty and Target partnership, Sephora will be opening 200, 2,500 square foot, shops inside Kohls’ stores by fall 2021. These spaces will replace Kohls existing beauty assortment and will be positioned at the front of the store. 

3 Southern Brewpubs Serving Up Suds and Community

Did you know that the average American drinks about 26 gallons of beer every year? And this year, besides drinking their favorite beverage, people are trying their best to support their local communities through this difficult time.  Always a cozy place for drinks and dinner, many brewpubs now offer to-go bottle or keg service served up with social distancing practices in full force. And with unique flavors and seasonal specials, retail possibilities for additional locations, bottle shops, and taprooms are ever present. Here are our picks for 3 brewpubs in the south that are brewing up big batches of community spirit.

Top Gluten Free Multi Unit Groups

Gluten free foodies vary from voluntarily gluten free, to gluten intolerance, to the more serious condition of Celiac disease. Feast your eyes on this  list of the top gluten free friendly restaurants spanning from coast to coast. The best part? Each of these gluten free food establishments have more than one location and are potential space fillers for your upcoming expiring leases.