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Expanding retailers in Arizona

With economic recovery as a nation in a constant state of rise and fall, some retailers are finding growth in a time filled with uncertainty.  For some retailers, economic relief and recovery will not come in time, but for others, it will bolster their expanding businesses. One of those places includes Arizona, with a population of over 7 million, and upwards of 80k total retailers, some of which are still expanding despite the turmoil and fallout from the pandemic. Here are a few retailers who are expanding in Arizona.

Eviction Protections are Expiring Across the Country. What’s Next?

Residential evictions have once again been stayed by the government as the Biden administration extended the foreclosure and eviction moratorium for pandemic relief. While recent announcements promise more federal government aid is on the way for small business, commercial tenants may not have the same extended reprieve. 

5 Marijuana Retailers Changing the Face of Cannabis

Medical marijuana is now legal in 36 states, and recreational use is legal in 15 (plus D.C.). The legal cannabis market is expected to exceed $73 billion by 2027, and the mood across the country has irrevocably shifted in how cannabis is viewed and used. Most notably are the cannabis dispensaries and retailers popping up all over the country.

Retailsphere grows Over 1,369% During COVID

Innovative Retail Data and Software Platform Experiences Exponential growth since April. Retailsphere, the world’s largest retail tenant database and software platform has experienced exponential growth since Spring of 2020. 

Top Expanding Celebrity Chef Restaurants

A certain type of chef has always run with the rich and famous, but food turned entertainment has made way for celebrity chefs to become household names. As they build their empires, celebrity chefs are tapping into trends and pleasing fans with the opening of affordable restaurants. Here are 5 options to consider bringing to your locations in 2021.

Expanding Retailers in New Mexico

Retailers in New Mexico have dealt with a whirlwind as they struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy during the pandemic. Bordered by Texas and Oklahoma, New Mexico is the 36th largest state by population with 2.35 million residents, projecting to hit the 2.5 million mark by 2025. And primed for unique retail expansion.

Small format Bloomingdale's called "Bloomies" to Open Fall 2021

Macy’s owned Bloomingdales has announced they are experimenting with smaller format stores called “Bloomies.” With a footprint less than 22,000 square feet, the first will open in Fairfax, VA this fall. 

Five Below Plans Expansion Following Successful Holiday Season

Following a successful holiday season, the retailer has plans to expand with 170 locations.Five Below has announced it will be expanding following a successful holiday season. The retailer will open 170 stores over the next nine months to bring its total to more than 1200 locations.

Major Food Group Adding Several New Restaurants in Miami

With concepts in New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Tel Aviv, Major Food Group (MFG) is entering the Miami market with at least 4 new restaurants in 2021. Carbone, which has developed a world wide cult-following, opened at the end of January near the southern tip of Miami Beach in the South of Fifth neighborhood. 

Fry's Electronics Permanently Closing All Remaining Stores

As of February 24, 2021, Fry’s Electronics began officially winding down operations and closed their e-commerce business. Their locations were known for excessive levels of sci-fi detail, the most notorious being an Aztec themed location in Arizona and a NASA themed location in Houston.