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Retailsphere grows Over 1,369% During COVID

Innovative Retail Data and Software Platform Experiences Exponential growth since April. Retailsphere, the world’s largest retail tenant database and software platform has experienced exponential growth since Spring of 2020. 

Retailsphere Advanced Search Revolutionizes Prospecting; Adds Export Feature

Retailsphere is once again changing the way you search for new tenants. This time, we’ve updated our search features, adding multiple ways to get to retailer data faster and more advanced search options.

Northeastern Retailers Are Heating Up

The Northeast may be in the middle of winter, but there’s still heat in the retail market. Small and medium sized retailers are the life-blood of the American economy, and Northeastern brands are bringing a dose of vitality with them as they expand in the region. From hometown brands opening their second location to regional chains looking to launch nationwide, here are 4 brands that are making a name for themselves in the Northeast. 

TOP 5 Unique events to bring to your mall for the holidays

A shopping center that only offers shopping is not going to cut it in the modern age. Customers can shop online, if that is all they need to do. This year in particular has proved that people crave an experience if they are going to get out the door. A modern mall offers an enchanting atmosphere, a local event hub, and an overall retail experience. The year 2020 is closing quickly, but look ahead to the bright and new future to begin planning your shopping centers holiday experience of 2021. 

A Retail Holiday: Preparing for 2021

The 2020 holiday season looks different than every other year. Retailers had to pivot from their normal holiday plans to roll with the punches approach. Shopping centers had to cancel events or give them a COVID-19 makeover complete with decreased crowds, social distancing, mask wearing, and virtual events if possible. Retailers and shopping centers also took the task of holiday decorating very seriously. 

Blasting Prospecting Emails Might be Easy, but Targeting Delivers Results

When you begin the process of filling a vacancy, prospecting often feels like a numbers game. You want to cast your net as wide as possible to initiate as many potential tenant opportunities as you can. Through the leasing process many of these prospects will decide it's just not the right fit and will fall off, but the more interest you have, the more assured you can be that your vacancy is going to be filled. 

How to prove your worth to shopping center clients

Are you a commercial real estate agent trying to prove your worth to your shopping center clients? With Retailsphere’s CRM, it's as simple as pulling a report.

What US retailers can learn from Europe's  second lockdown

Countries throughout Europe are currently completing their second countrywide shutdown sanctions. Germany, has shut down all restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters and will remain shut until at least the end of the month in a new bid to halt the spread of COVID-19.

Retailsphere helps Roth RE Group grow during Pandemic

Roth RE Group may have started as a brokerage, but today their business looks a lot different. They’ve taken 60 years of experience and built one of the premier real estate companies in the Colombus, Ohio area that now includes property development and tenant representation. 

Retailsphere helps Pavilion Development streamline process

Pavilion Development has looked for ways to fill 10,000 square foot or less, build-to-suit spaces for single tenants for over 20 years. Rich Davies, owner and founder, saw this necessary niche while working in the industrial sector for the first part of his career.